Friday, July 19, 2013

Triple-lemon Raspberry Layer Cake

This beautiful thing is, unfortunately, not my handiwork. I made the lemon curd between the layers, but other than that, it's all the work of my best girl, Min. She used this recipe with raspberries instead of blueberries (inspired), made a couple of adjustments for altitude and...lovely. It was delicious as well as amazing looking. And yes, that's a Golden Snitch on top. THAT MIN MADE with her own two hands, a jawbreaker, some tootsie rolls, and edible gold spray.

Look at the beautiful raspberries! 

Look at the beautiful crumb coat!

Look at the beautiful layers! 

Also, this was her first completely-from-scratch layer cake. And one other thing, she pretty much made it in the middle of the night which...I just couldn't. I'm not very good at staying awake.

TGIP Rating--Triple-lemon Raspberry Layer Cake--KEEPER. Or, I should say TRYER, I need to try it myself because Min's was perfect.

Next up: Change of plans, Mystery Cake will have to wait until sometime in the Fall, I think. My birthday is this weekend and I'm making myself two, yes, 2 cakes (because I couldn't decide on just one). This one. And also this one with cherry buttercream (my perennial birthday cake request up to the age of 14, when I discovered Sarno's rum cake). 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Recipe Roulette--Chocolate Banoffee Pie

Were you wondering if this pie would be good with a chocolate ganache on the bottom? I thought you were. This is just a note to tell you that it is not good. It is, rather, AMAZING.

You're welcome.