Friday, December 28, 2012

Lazy Bakemas--a photo essay

You CAN make pie crust with no rolling pin and no lard. But if you're visiting at sea level you have to remember that baking times are different.

 Looks pretty, but didn't taste quite right. To be tweaked. Also? That fruitcake in the background? Maybe cured too long. 3 weeks MAX next year.

This is what happens when you use cupcake recipes, but you live at a high altitude. EVEN when you make alterations because you're well aware of your altitude problems. Recipe writers: please. Take pity on those of us who are altitude challenged.

And then you have to surgically remove the cupcakes from the pan and they look like this. But taste delicious!

Perfect Swiss Meringue to start Buttercream.

The moral of this story: Next time you think making a Stump de Noël is going to be too big of pain, DO IT ANYWAY. The variety of things you have to do to make up for the grandiosity of the stump is just as much of a pain, and those things don't necessarily turn out the way you hope they will. Also, next year you better make more cookies.

Next up: 2012 year in review.