Thursday, August 8, 2013

Midweek Kitchen Confessions 32: Playing Favorites

I have a lot of things in my kitchen. Remember this?

BUT I have a few favorites. Only a few. One of which has just recently become part of my kitchen after decades of being part of The Pie Queen's kitchen. This pink glass cake stand.

It's so simple and perfect. Understated, but elegant. If I remember correctly, it was the only "fancy" cake stand we had when I was growing up, so it was used for all special occasions, but especially for birthday cakes. In the early eighties, The Pie Queen sold quite a few other pieces of pink glass kitchenware she had (sadface), but this one stayed. And she passed it over to me on my birthday. I love it.

The little angel candle holders on top of the cake are another of my favorites. The Pie Queen has a set of them that were beloved all through my childhood. These precious little ones:

I have always wanted a set of my own. And after years of periodic searches I finally found a practically new set in its original box on etsy. I love them.

Last but not least, this guy (girl?).

When I was in college, there was a little shop on the corner of College Avenue and Russell Street called Sweet Dreams (amazingly, more than 20 years later, it's still there). Just a little candy and stuff shop. I used to love to wander in there and window shop. This guy was literally in the window for months and every day that I walked past I would wish he was in my kitchen. One day (must have had a good shift waiting tables the night before) I just decided to take the plunge and buy him. And he was a fixture in a long string of apartments and houses. He's been in my cupboard since we moved to our current home because there isn't always room on my counter. But I think it's time for him to be a regular counter-sitter again. I love him.


Heidi said...

1. I love pink kitchen things
2. I love silly hippos
3. I love you

The end.

pinky said...

You know - I am always so grateful when my children bring up happy memories of their childhood because sometimes...well...I'm just glad you all seem to remember the good things.