Friday, June 7, 2013

Recipe Roulette--Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes

Another easy one using pieces of various recipes--Frankencupcakes. I used this chocolate cake recipe (which incidentally, is the easiest and most reliable cake recipe I've EVER encountered--sometimes I wonder why I try any fancy new recipes). I dipped the tops in the ganache from this recipe (which is pretty much like any other ganache recipe you'll find out there). Then I made a batch of this buttercream (which, I've said before, is the best buttercream recipe around--even when problems happen (mine wasn't coming together so I put it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes and when I put it back on the mixer it came together perfectly)) and added a full jar of this (and just enough red food coloring):

I piped it on top of the ganache (you can see below I actually made a variety of combinations to accommodate different tastes in my family--some people don't like chocolate--I KNOW). Then I sprinkled on some black sugar BECAUSE IT'S BEAUTIFUL. Et voila.

The strawberry flavor wasn't quite as strong as I wanted it to be, but I couldn't find the freezer jam I used in the strawberry portion of this recipe. Nevertheless, it was delicious. The ganache adds a decadent touch to something that is otherwise incredibly simple. The buttercream didn't react adversely to so much jam being added, it really held up nicely. And in case you ever need to know, that full recipe frosted about 60 cupcakes.

TGIP Rating--Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes--KEEPER. I need to find that freezer jam if I'm going to do this again, though. Even though the chocolate flavor isn't SUPER rich, it needs a stronger strawberry flavor to match it.

Next up: Summertime. Hm. I think we need cookies in the house. Cookies that are almost like s'mores. Like these ones.


Aging Ophelia said...

I love to mix 2, 3, 4 recipes together for their best parts-- some of my most memorable meals have happened that way.

Strawberry and chocolate together, always sounds good!

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