Friday, November 30, 2012

Roasting Pumpkin

 (Please excuse my instragram filters. I'm a victim of my own attempt to be hip. I'll try to stop.)

Turns out roasting your own pumpkin is super easy and makes super delicious pies. I used the method described by the BAKED boys, but really you can find directions anywhere, google it. The homemade puree has a more fresh taste, but without being overpoweringly pumpkin-y. Just a lovely, subtle base for yummy spices and other stuff. HOWEVER, it is not an attractive color, when all is said and done. Picture above is roasted and pureed. Beautiful. This one below is pretty fresh out of the oven (the pumpkin is in the 9:00 position). Also nice to look at.

 (Psst, that pie in the 6:00 position is what I'm calling Pecan Cranberry Pie from now on. It's this recipe, but with half the bourbon and double the vanilla. Don't tell the Pie King! It was really delicious even with only half the booze.)

This next one is the proof in the pudding (ha!) after sitting on the Thanksgiving dessert table for a couple of hours and then getting popped back in the fridge overnight.

Uh, is it gray or is it my imagination? UNappetizing. But this pie tasted so good! I used this recipe topped with the streusel from this recipe. The homemade pumpkin puree is a little looser than the canned stuff, so I probably should have cooked the pie another 5-10 minutes before putting the streusel on. It kind of sank a little. But as you can see above, it still stayed in the top layer. The sweet and crunch of it added so much to this already delicious, warming, spicy pie. But for me, food has to look good enough to eat. It doesn't have to be perfect. Rustic is good. But gray? Not so good. I might have to stick to using the homemade puree for soups and breads (and maybe muffins) and using the canned for pies. I know, I'm a big disappointment.

TGIP Rating--Homemade Pumpkin Puree--definitely has its place in my kitchen. But probably not in my pies. Good news is streusel on top of pumpkin pie makes a good thing that much better.

Next up: Cookies. Christmas cookies, to be precise. Some new, some old/reliable. I don't even know what yet. But there may be snickerdoodles.

P.S. My kitchen video debut is over there --->

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Bill said...

I thought the "gray" look to the pie was caused by the spices. But it didn't stop me from eating it. I didn't even hesitate. And it did taste really good. I would have had a second piece too, but with so many pies that needed eating, and only so much room in my belly, I had to make some sacrifices.