Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TGIP Field Trip: Tulie Bakery

So, we needed some Valentine's Day goodies, but had no time for baking. Solution: a bakery I haven't tried before, Tulie. I had heard rumblings about them being good, but needed to check for myself. The rumblings were correct. There is so much more to try, but what we tried was good enough that I will definitely go back for more.

Heart-shaped sugar cookie. Probably the best sugar cookie I've ever tried (I only got a nibble). Crispy on the outside, perfectly soft (but not crumbly) on the inside. The frosting was soft and sweet and buttery. Perfection.

Banana cream tart. Very rich and banana-y. With dark chocolate on the bottom and a tender crust. Delicious.

Raspberry macaron. Super tender and crunchy (like a meringue) on the outside, chewy and scrumptious on the inside. I don't know much about macarons, but I understand this is how they're supposed to be. Also, Tulie's are ENORMOUS. Are macarons normally this big? I need more experience in the world of macarons.

Chocolate macaron. Hard to believe a light cookie can also be rich, but it is. Lovely chocolate flavor. Perfect texture, just like the raspberry.

TGIP Rating--Tulie Bakery--DELICIOUS. And I need to go back to try more items. They even had a yummy-looking granola that Seconda pointed out. May need to go there for breakfast one morning.

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