Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BAKED Sweet & Salty Brownies

(Open this picture up big. No, really! Click on it and look at all that gooey caramel yumminess!)

Do you have cookbooks that you keep around for one recipe? What's the matter with you?! I totally do! I'm certainly not saying that Baked Explorations is one of those cookbooks. For me. I am saying that even if this was the only recipe you liked in the book (which it wouldn't be), it would be worth keeping for THIS ONE RECIPE. Seriously, if you haven't bought this book yet...what are you waiting for!?

Gooey. Chewy. Salty. Sweet. Chocolate-y. Caramel-y. Rich. Completely amazing. And not all that difficult to make.

BUT. I'm not giving you the recipe for this one. Because you need to go buy the book.

P.S. I recommend a nice glass of bourbon as an accompaniment (my favorite is Knob Creek). I'm serious.

TGIP Rating--BAKED Sweet & Salty Brownies--Such a KEEPER. Wow.

Next up: Hand Pies. Like turnovers. Or those nasty things from McDonald's. Only much better. I hope. I have no idea how to make these. We'll learn together.

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