Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TGIP Field Trip: The Wild Grape

I know. I just posted a Field Trip entry last week. I'm rehearsal-ized right now, so this is the best I can do.

And okay, The Wild Grape isn't actually a bakery. It's a local restaurant. But they make one of my favorite pastry treats in the world: beignets. What's that they don't call them beignets anymore because people didn't know what they were so they didn't order them. So now, on their brunch menu you'll find "House-made Doughnut Holes". Fine. But they're about the biggest doughnut holes you could ever imagine. And they are so yummy. Not greasy--cakey and warm and crusty. Perfectly sugared. They serve them with a warm chocolate sauce and an orange crème anglaise, both of which are delicious.

And also, sometimes I don't have a camera with me so you have to put up with iPhone pictures. This will probably happen a lot in Field Trip entries. But...I kinda like it.

TGIP Rating--The Wild Grape--Highly recommended for brunch beignets. I still need to go there for dinner sometime and try their dessert menu: Chocolate "S'mores" Torte (!), Pear Crisp (!), Pt. Reyes Blue Cheesecake (!!), Roasted Banana Bread Pudding (!). Yeah, I def need to go there for dinner. Soon.

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