Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Farmers' Market Challenge

So, here's what I found at the Farmers' Market this weekend:

Of course, I found a lot more than that. But these were the things that tasted the best, looked the best, etc. So I bought them and brought them home.

And then I made these with them:

Fresh Peach and Blackberry Pie

The shortbread was new and interesting. I probably made the bottom crust too thin and the top crumbs too thick. I also probably cut the peaches too thin.

But they still turned out to be delicate, spicy and buttery. These brown bits you see in the crumbs are bits of brown (but not burnt) delicious.

I saved some of the crumbs to make myself a little baked peach with white streusel later in the week when all of these yummies are gone and I need a little something. The brown butter is something (as I've said before) that I need to find more uses for. I might try making our family Scotch shortbread recipe with it this Christmas. Brown butter shortbread with caramel drizzle maybe? Yes.

The pie. What can I say? My standby fresh fruit pie recipe that I've admittedly stolen from Dave/Miriam is so easy and delicious and adaptable.

I used 1 cup of blackberries and 1 cup of peaches (with a little less water than the recipe calls for) to make the mashed up jammy filling stuff, and 2 cups of peaches for the fruity part.

What a delicious, not too sweet, perfectly fresh tasting combination.

TGIP Rating--Baking with fresh peaches--KEEPER. My aversion to peach flavored foods is still well intact, but I think it no longer extends to peaches themselves. At least not the fresh ones. Yum.

Next up: I am going to make something that involves almost no baking. But it sounds delicious to me in a "Fall is coming" way.


PickledAliens said...

Looks so delicious! I plan to try one of your treats! But first, do you have any suggestions for jarring any goods? Also, picked a bunch of apples from relatives trees. Felt so great to shake and knock them down. I climbed about 20 feet up to get some more, very tart.... my girlfriend made a delicious dish with potatoes, chicken and some herbs picked from our garden.

April Fossen said...

Unfortunately I don't know anything about any method of preserving food. One of these years I'd sure like to learn though!

PickledAliens said...

Thank you for such a quick reply. I recently started doing some pickling but in the most basic approach with Ball jars, vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard seed, and some vegetables. We started peeling some tomatoes and freezing them not sure which direction we were going to go... sauce or salsa. It was such a good summer for tomatoes.. dozens left to use. What a pickle I am in!