Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Canned Pumpkin: scarce?!

The Pie Queen mentioned something on Facebook recently about a canned pumpkin shortage. To which I replied, "What?!". Apparently, it's no joke. But then there's this article that says it's over. I don't know. What I do know is that there isn't even a spot for it in the baking aisle at my local Target. So, you be the judge. I suggest taking a casual look for it everywhere you happen to go. That's what I've been doing. Found a small trove at my Winco and snatched up 3 cans. Of course, I've already used two of them.

Whether the shortage will continue into this Fall or not, I guess it's about time I learned how to use the meat of a real pumpkin for a pie. Because I simply can't imagine Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Here's a site that details how to prepare the pumpkin puree (using either microwave, stovetop, or oven), for those of you like me who have never done it. And another. I will still use my own recipe beyond the point of pureeing, just because I like that mixture of spices.

Hopefully the Great Pumpkin will arrive before November and bless all the sincere pumpkin patches with a bounteous harvest.


Vickie said...

April, the shelf designated for canned pumpkin is fully stocked at New Frontier's, our natural food store here in Prescott. So I bought 2 cans to be on the safe side. I'm using one can on Friday for Maple Pumpkin Pie in whole wheat crust. The other I may save for Halloween. Good luck in your search ~ I'd recommend trying the natural food stores.

April Fossen said...

I did find some of the Organic brand mentioned in the first article at my Whole Foods and snatched that up. But it has a very different consistency than the Libby's I'm used to. I'm not sure I trust it to give the same result for pie. Might use it in soup, though!

mindo said...

Trying these this weekend. I bought dates for the first time ever. Looks like a sack of bugs. *shudder* I'm trusting you on this one!

April Fossen said...

Bahahahaha! I agree.