Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Midweek Kitchen Confessions 30: I'm taking...

...the easy way out. On the ladyfingers. When you see next week's project, I trust you'll forgive me.

I am, however, planning two projects for this weekend, instead of just one: French Silk Chocolate Pie (thanks for the link, Mir), and Tiramisu (which you already knew about, but instead of making my own ladyfingers, I'm buying real Italian Savoiardi at Caputo's--hey! at least I'm buying the real thing!). Neither of them involve baking, per se, but still. They will be delicious desserts and they will be relatively easy, which is what I chiefly need right now. I'll perfect the process of making tiramisu, and then...sometime in the not so distant future...I'll make my own ladyfingers and see how they work compared to store-bought. Promise.

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Miriam Latour said...

Be sure to make 2 1/2 times the amount of filling for the French silk pie! It's way too shallow otherwise.

I can't wait to see your tiramisu. I've only made it once, and I failed miserably. It ended up all soupy and never set correctly. I haven't had the nerve to try it again yet. Inspire me!