Thursday, January 28, 2010

Black Forest Chocolate Cookies

So, my little attempt to take an approach that would be more waistline-friendly (or, truthfully, in my case--hip-line friendly) was an EPIC FAIL. Not because the recipe didn't work. Quite the opposite. It is delicious, in both raw dough and baked form. My thinking was that it's easier to give away a batch of cookies after you've tasted them than it is to give away a half of a pie. I thought I'd get more treats out of my house and less in my mouth. Problem is, it's just so easy with cookies to say to oneself, "I'll just have a little spoonful of dough. It's just a little spoonful."

Or, "I'll just have one cookie while they're warm--to taste. And then I'll have one when they're cool--to see what the difference is." And at the end of the day you find you've probably eaten the equivalent of a dozen cookies (at least).

With something like cake or pie, on the other hand, you commit to a piece and it's relatively easy to just have one. Apparently cookies are a hardship for me.

Nevertheless. This is about baking, not dieting!

I know none of you will be surprised when I say that this recipe is made of delicious goodness. It's from BAKED, so what would you expect?! The cherries are almost a subtle sort of aftertaste surprise. It seems like you're eating a chocolate cookie, but then there's this wonderful other flavor and texture that appear when you least expect it.

They have a perfectly thin crispy outside and a lovely gooey chewy inside that is everything I could ever want in a cookie.

They did get a little crumbly after a day or so. But, I'm realizing that pretty much every cookie I make does that. Altitude? Most likely. I guess that means all cookies need to be eaten on the day they're baked. Apparently, not a problem in my house.

And no, I'm not putting the recipe here because you just need to go out and buy this book yourself and bake along with me. Seriously!

TGIP Rating--Black Forest Chocolate Cookies--KEEPER. I may use this basic dough for a re-try of my Salted Toffee Fudge Cookies. Between the Black Forest Cookies and the German Chocolate Cake I'm having a lot of...thoughts. Which can make things complicated. I'll just say my list of "things to bake" is increasing exponentially. And mr. is starting to feel slighted by the fact that I never go back and make the things that were delicious successes.

Next up: The BAKED Brownie--assisted in their fame by people like Martha and Oprah. I know, it feels like I'm on a bit of a BAKED kick right now. I am!


Pat Catherall said...

I think the cookies get crumbly here due to the dry air - if you put them in an airtight container I believe they'll stay moist. Anyway - just an idea that you might like to try. They certainly look yummy!!! And cherries are good for you - look at it that way.

April Fossen said...

I always put my cookies in either ziploc-type bags or plastic containers. Still with the crumbly.

Serena said...

I saw the brownies on the best thing I ever ate on Food Network. I think we should make a pilgrimage to the shop. After we go there, I want to go to Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey. He's the guy on TLC who makes those ridiculous cakes.

April Fossen said...

Yes! Let's go!