Friday, November 27, 2009

Pie-la-Palooza 2

I'm starting to think that my extended family's Thanksgiving feast should consist of nothing but desserts. We'd all have a lot more room for the fantastic pies, etc. that show up at our table if we didn't bother with turkey and stuffing first. Either that, or we need to just start with a dessert course around noon and then have the main meal when our stomachs settle, around 4. There were no less than 15 pies at this year's feast. Plus 3 pumpkin rolls, and three tubs of ice cream. It looks obscene, I know. It sounds obscene. It probably IS obscene. But, there are a lot of us. And I'm thankful that every single one of them is a part of my life. (not the pies, the people) (although, I'm terribly thankful for pies, as well!)

My contributions this year were the Pumpkin-Chocolate Tart you see on the left above,

Cherry-Chocolate Pie
(which the oldest says was better than the Pie Queen's Cherry pie--score!),

and Bourbon Pecan Pie with Cranberries (which the Pie King thought was too boozy (?!)).

I hope you all had a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving and indulged in many delicious baked treats.

Next up: I'm going to try to make some mini pies. We'll see how that goes.

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Kurt Proctor said...

I LOVE this!! My sentiments exactly! My mother used to make 9 pies every Saturday, so it was like second nature for me to make 4 pies for our Thanksgiving day. (Which may have been a bit overboard considering we only ended up with 6 people for dinner - but whatever) I made a Bourbon/Pecan, a Banana Cream, a Butterscotch Cream, and Paula Dean's Pumpkin/Apple Butter pie.
Thanks for sharing April!!