Monday, September 7, 2009

Blog-i-versary Strawberry Pie

So, a year ago today I embarked on a pie journey. The first pie I made was a fresh strawberry pie. It was delicious, but the crust gave me (and The Pie Queen) fits. In the year since then I have learned a lot about pie crust and even more about baking in general.

I decided that in celebration of my blog-i-versary I would make another Fresh Strawberry Pie--one with oomph. mr. wanted me to incorporate I used Dave Latour's recipe for strawberry pie. Which is perfectly delicious.

But instead of using halved strawberries and pouring the puree over them, I poured the puree into the pie crust and then arranged chocolate-dipped strawberries in it (after it had cooled a little).

Then after that had cooled a lot more, I drizzled chocolate over the whole thing.

Pretty, eh? And also delicious. But very difficult to serve. As one might have realized if one (I) had been thinking ahead. The hardened chocolate doesn't really like to be cut into. I guess if you arranged the strawberries just so it would work better, but...again with the thinking ahead.

Still. I am determined to work dark chocolate into a strawberry pie. I'm thinking I might do a black-bottom strawberry pie, using the ganache I used here. And then using the halved strawberries and puree according to Dave's recipe. And then drizzling with dark chocolate. My baking consultant (mr.) helped me think this through. When I was then approached with the possibility of entering one of my pies in a pie contest, I asked mr. "Which pie do you think is my best?" His response: "The one we just talked about. When you make it." So, I'll get on that. And make sure it's as perfect as expected.

TGIP Rating--Chocolate-Covered Fresh Strawberry Pie--needs tweaking, but the concept is good.

Next up: I report on making Homemade Marshmallows. Which, it turns out, I've made before. Memory loss is a magical thing--every day is exciting and new!

P.S. Please revisit my Shoo-Fly Pie blog post. I've added a treasured picture of Grandpa Baker.

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Kristin said...

Happy Blogiversary April!! And please keep them coming, this is my favorite blog ever, and we must work on that recipe book!