Thursday, August 6, 2009

Midweek Kitchen Confessions 19: Why is it...

...that I get teary whenever I read about Julia Child? Maybe because it seems like she is the godmother of the food appreciation movement in this country--a movement that has brought countless joys to my life. Maybe because she had a passionately devoted man by her side, a true partner, an experience that I relate to. Maybe because I've only starting learning about her life recently, years after I used to watch her shows on public television, and I wish I had known more about her then.

Read/listen to this.

And read this as well.

I can't tell you how much I wish for a similar (and similarly lovingly crafted) blue pegboard in my kitchen.

I'm hoping against hope that I get to see this over the weekend.


Serena said...

I do agree. I am reading her biography and I want her to be my new best friend! Did you know she was 6 feet 2 inches (her sister was 6' 4 )and from Pasadena? What's not to love?

DeShawn said...

Just one more way that we had shared-yet-not-shared experience in our lives! I also watched her cooking shows on public television. I also believe that Julia Child is to thank for things I enjoy so much, like The Food Network.

Also, you're going to love, love, LOVE Julie & Julia. I lucked into an advanced screening a couple of weeks ago. The NDA I signed requires that I say nothing more about it, but suffice it to say that if you love food, love to cook, and love Julia Child, that you are going to love this movie.