Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Midweek Kitchen Confessions 18: I'm NOT 18 (don't act so surprised)

#1 I didn't bake anything last week. That is to say, I didn't bake what I planned on. And I didn't bake anything that I'm ready to blog about yet. I'm conducting ongoing experiments with bran muffins.

Exciting, eh? The nice thing about these experiments is that I'm working with something relatively healthy that mr. and I can eat for breakfast each morning as I work out the details. More on that later. And hopefully the Root Beer Bundt Cake will happen by the end of this week.

#2 I turned 40 on Monday. I don't lie about my age anymore. I used to. Before I turned 21.

#3 No matter how good I become with food or food photography, I will never match the real artist in the family--my nephew.

He sculpted this Bilbo Baggins for me for my birthday. All the details are so perfect. He even had a teeny tiny ring of power in his pouch. Yes, :( I said HAD. After I took these pictures, I turned him over to check if his feet were dirty, forgetting about the precious in his pocket, and the ring fell out into the grass. I searched on hands and knees and couldn't find it. I think it's just the right size to slip over one of our dog's claws. If he becomes invisible, we'll know why.

At any rate, if I owned a bakery right now, I would hire PK to do all of our modeling work for cakes. I know his skills would translate very well to fondant, gum paste and modeling chocolate.

#4 Mr. spoiled me on my birthday. He is entirely too good to me. But, this year, perhaps, you will be the recipient of some of the joy in the form of better pictures. He gave me this glorious setup: fancy new camera with tripod that can transform a bazillion ways and even be wrapped around things.


#5 I don't like peach-flavored things. And sometimes that dislike seeps over into not liking the actual fruit. Nevertheless, this is on the docket for sometime before the end of summer. A pie with crème fraîche?! Honestly.

#6 I made a list the other day of "old-fashioned" foods I'd like to try to bake. On the top of the list is Apple Pandowdy. The list sits right next to my computer monitor. So, whenever I sit at my desk (which, honestly, is A LOT of the time) I have this song in my head.

And now you do too!


pinky said...

Delightful! All of it - haven't heard this song in years - is it Dinah Shore? M always seems to have a fix on the most wonderful and perfect gift for the occasion, doesn't he!

April Fossen said...

Yep, Dinah Shore.

QuiteContrary said...

That Bilbo is inspired. Wow. - Mary

Kristin said...

What are you thinking? Get out there and find that ring-it could fall into the wrong hands! Good gracious!