Friday, June 5, 2009

Midweek Kitchen Recommendation

Go here:

And by "go here", I don't mean just go to the website (which you can do by clicking on the picture). I mean go to the patisserie itself. Pick up a Kouing-Aman (that's what is in the picture). Or get beignets and coffee. Or have a lovely lunch. Everything I've tasted is delicious (and I've tasted quite a few of their offerings in the past 24 hours). If you don't live in Salt Lake, come visit me and I'll take you there!

I think I may take a class there later this month: SUMMER TARTS. And since I'm a summer tart myself, that works out perfectly. Anybody want to join me? 40th birthday is July 20. I like cake. Oh, drat. They're closed for the month of July. Whaaat?

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