Monday, June 8, 2009

Ice-cream Cookie Cups

So, Seconda wanted to have a Pie-Day project of her own. She wanted to make ice cream. I couldn't explain the nitty-gritty of why ice cream isn't a BAKING project, even though there's COOKING involved. So, I baked something to put the ice cream in. These cookie cups. It was interesting. The dough was a little difficult to work with.

Thankfully, I have a silpat rolling mat, so I was able to use the flexibility of that to my advantage know, sometimes dough is forgiving and you can patch cracks with leftover dough. I thought regular muffin-size cups seemed too small (although, they'd probably be perfect for a kids' party). So, I doubled the recipe and used my jumbo muffin tin to make 12 cups (as opposed to 10 with the regular size, recipe as written).

And they were actually kind of yummy. (And Seconda was proud)

The best part, of course, was the ice cream. Which isn't a BAKING project (do I have to explain to you why?). Alton Brown. Is a genius. Proven again with this Mint Chip Ice Cream (the chips are chopped Andes mints--Alton calls them "chocolate-mint candies", but we all know what he's talking about, yes?).

His recipe calls for peppermint OIL. Hmm. I couldn't find it in the baking aisle. It seems like something that would be very common, I don't know. I used peppermint extract, and doubled the amount, I think it's just not as potent as the oil. Whatever. It was so delicious. isn't necessarily green.

TGIP Rating--Ice-cream Cookie Cups--KEEPER (and it's okay to make the smaller version)
--Mint Chip Ice Cream--KEEPER (just TRY to not make this once a week all summer long. I dare you, spiker.)

Next up: I have no idea. Throw some out for me. Seriously. We're having guests over on Friday. I'd love to make a dessert that is vegetarian and has no nuts.


Bill said...

I've been playing around with making frozen yogurt. Also, not a baking project. But making the yogurt is...sort of. A couple week ago I made blackberry frozen yogurt. Last weekend I made strawberry.

Making the yogurt is too easy to call it baking. I'm still working on the perfect combination of milk type (fat content) vs cooking time.

April Fossen said...

Oooh, Bill. I have a great frozen yogurt recipe. It's just vanilla, but I add in chocolate chips or fruit or whatever. I'll email it to you.

Miriam Latour said...

I've been on a lemon sorbet kick with my ice cream maker lately. My kids keep telling me to stop it and make real ice cream. I think I'll try your cookie cups. Mmmmm. Or maybe one of your pies to put under the ice cream...