Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Midweek Kitchen Confessions 11: Home SWEET Home

#1 I unpacked my kitchen first. That's just the way things work for me.

A home is not operational until the kitchen is organized. I still have a few things to do: finding storage for dinnerware that is not frequently used, filling my pantry and fridge with foodstuffs, and getting rid of the flotsam that has landed on my baking counter.

Yes, that's what that peninsula is now called.

#2 After only two nights in our new home, I had to bake. I couldn't take it anymore. I used the smell of brownies to drive away the unfamiliar smells and the DNA of previous occupants still floating in the air. Last week, I scrubbed every surface I could get my hands on. This was my way of scrubbing the air.

#3 My first mess in my beautiful new kitchen.

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pinky said...

So you have properly christened your kitchen. Woohoo!