Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pie Futures

No, this isn't going to be investing advice. Although, why not invest in pie? It's probably worth about as much as anything else right now.

This is about the future of this blog.

I'm having too much fun to quit. I said I wanted to make a pie a week until the end of the year. Which I did. But I need more. More pie, more desserts, more reasons to bake.

So, here goes. Announcing:

Thank God It's Pie-day
Old-Fashioned Baking Made NEW

Not only do I have a new tagline, but I also have my own domain name: www.thankgoditspieday.com (no dash). It's connected through my blogger address, so you're actually there now. But, it's a much easier address to remember and to tell your friends about! I'm so proud.

I need to thank my dear husband here. He makes it possible for me to take on silly projects like this by being my 24-hour technical support, dishwasher extraordinaire, webmaster, taste-tester, and general household go-fer while I'm occupied in the kitchen. Thank You, mr! Without you, there would be no pie-day.

This year
, I'll be taking on all sorts of baking challenges (not just pie!), but they'll be old-fashioned in nature. None of these new-fangled cupcakes that have become so trendy. No, I'm baking things our grandmothers would have baked. Mincemeat Pie. Red Velvet Cake. Shoo-Fly Pie. Homemade bread. Pound cake. (Your suggestions are always welcome!) What's more, I'm going to do it as close to the old-fashioned way as possible. From scratch. No mixes. No breadmaker. Organic and/or local ingredients, wherever possible. Each week, I'll take on an unfamiliar (or alter a familiar) recipe for a baked dessert (or non-dessert, I may even try Beef Wellington!--don't scoff, there's pastry involved) and blog about the process and results. I'll also blog about other baking projects. I'd like to say here that if we're eating baked goods in my home, they'll be baked by me. But I'm also realistic enough to know that if I start working or am in the middle of a show, it will be challenging enough to find time to bake a dessert once a week, let alone keep my children in sandwich bread and cookies, let alone bagels.

I hope to rediscover and possibly modernize recipes that are thought of as old-fashioned (for whatever reason). And to become a better (or at least more experienced) baker in the process.

Here's to baking in 2009!

First up this week: Chicken Pot Pie


Miriam Latour said...

Hooray! My food porn site lives on!

Bill said...

Want to take on a bread recipe? I've got a great one that just needs a little bit of alteration. It's got the perfect texture and firmness, but lacks in flavor. I like making it when I have the time. And time really is a problem with this one. It takes at least 6 hours. There's only about 30 minutes of total work involved, but 6 hours of waiting around to let things bubble, rise, and proof.

And if you can figure out how to add Kalamata olives or garlic cloves to it I'll be mighty pleased.

April Fossen said...

Oooh, that sounds delicious. Email the recipe to me.

Summer said...

Congrats! I'll look for the pound cake recipe. I've made a sour cream pound cake, but substituted lemon yogurt. It was delicious!