Monday, December 22, 2008

Candy Cane Fudge (?) Part 1

I don't know exactly where the fudge is here. A chocolate cookie crust (which, incidentally, I did wrong, more on that in Part 2)? Does that count as fudge? Somebody has a different idea of fudge than I have, but, okay.

I was pretty skeptical of this recipe going in. It's from a completely unknown source. It sounds pretty white trash. But. Seconda wanted a candy cane pie and I aim to serve. Literally. I made the pie for a party last night and it went over okay. But I will definitely tweak it a little (or a lot) and make a second one for Christmas Eve.

Since the recipe itself has a white trash bent, I decided to prepare it white trash style. With at least one step. Double boiler my...eye! Why bother when I have a microwave?

Marshmallows melt into milk just as easily in a microwave as they do on the stove. With a lot less heat to my face. So. Homemade marshmallow creme? I don't know. Kind of.

One of my favorite dessert-making sounds is the sound of hard candy being diminished to fine dust.

Mix the "marshmallow creme" with whipped cream, crushed candy canes, and more marshmallows:

et voilĂ :

Candy Cane Fudge pie.

The marshmallow-y stuff is actually a little gritty, I think. But, other than that, it's alright. We'll see what Seconda thinks of it at dinner tonight. What this pie really needs is...more chocolate (betcha couldn't see that one coming). Tweaking for the next version will probably include making chocolate mousse and folding the marshmallows and crushed candy canes into that. That would be Candy Cane Fudge pie. In my book. And this is my book, after all.

P.S. I know, I say jello and gelatin don't seem like real food, and therefore, marshmallows shouldn't be considered real food either. But, give me a break, it's the holidays. And, I have a weakness for marshmallows.

Pie Rating--Candy Cane Fudge--NEEDS TWEAKING (i.e. chocolate)

Next up: A more chocolate-y attempt at this one