Monday, November 3, 2008

Quiche Lorraine

My house smells like bacon. Which isn't inherently a bad thing. For the first 12 hours. After that, I need a little good weather to air things out. But, the smell is worth putting up with.

Here's the recipe I used this week. Good ol' Emeril.

I used crust leftover (and frozen) from last week. I thought I was about to have a problem, that it might be too tough after freezing and thawing, because as I rolled it out it kept sort of springing back. But, I needn't have worried.

Like I said last week, I think I'm almost there. Mom (the pie queen) and Dad (apparently the pie king) were right, it needed a little more time in the prebaking to make it more tender and bring out the buttery flavor. I might have given it a little too much time in the prebaking.

Looks great here, but then had to cook for another 45 minutes with the filling inside. It was slightly burnt around the edges*, but still delicious. Here's the thing: I don't want the crust to be so flaky that it bursts apart like powdered sugar when you cut into it and serve. I want it to hold together until it's hit with the side of a fork, then it can flake apart. Which this one did, perfectly.

The filling couldn't be easier. Or tastier. As mr. said, "Why would a real man not eat quiche? Egg, bacon, onions and cheese in a pie crust? What's not to like?"

It was a delicious brunch. And it was also delicious later when it was cold and I ate it while watching Mythbusters. I prefer it warm, but cold would do in a pinch.

And here is what I sang to myself the whole time I was cooking--

The B-52's Quiche Lorraine Live:

New this week: Pie-Rating--Quiche Lorraine--KEEPER

Next up: Seconda has requested Banana Cream Pie, I think I'll actually do a Black Bottom Banana Cream, combining this recipe and this one (I'd rather not use gelatin if I can avoid it--I don't know why, it just doesn't seem like real food). I think I'll stick to the same ingredient portions for the crust as I used last week, with maybe a little less flour. Still working up my courage to try a nut crust.

*I did purchase a crust shield for 9" pies. It's not actually big enough for 9" pies (?!). So, I have to get the 10" one.


pinky said...

We'll need to plan a family brunch soon, I can see that. The crust looked perfect...didn't seem overdone for a quiche. Do you really cook the crust ahead when you are baking ingredients in the crust? Usually cooking the crust ahead means the filling will not be baked. But...I've never made quiche in my life...time to try.

April Fossen said...

Yeah, I was kind of surprised at the prebaking too. It worked out fine, though. I'll have to look at some other quiche recipes and see if they require prebaking.