Sunday, November 23, 2008

Key Lime

I made this one for my dear friend Skylar for his birthday. This is what Skylar looks like on his birthday, for those who aren't familiar:

*gigglesnort* I love that kid.

Enough to make him this incredibly.........

EASY pie! Seriously. This is the easiest pie in the history of easy pies. Thank you, Martha! And still, I managed to eff up one aspect of it. Witness--a lovely graham cracker crust in the making:

That crust after being baked, oh, maybe 2 or 3 minutes too long:

Ugh. Aren't graham cracker crusts supposed to be easier than regular crusts?! Maybe I get cocky with them, and think I somehow don't have to pay such close attention. It's always something with me, isn't it?! Lesson learned.

Warning: although you might think a citrus-y pie would be light, you would be wrong on this one. It is very rich. But also very delicious. Tart, sweet, creamy...with a slightly burnt crust. Ah well, easy enough that I could try again anytime.

Pie Rating--Key Lime--KEEPER

Fun and fascinating facts I learned here (where there's also a different recipe): the original version of key lime pie was made before the days of refrigeration--with no cattle in the area (Key West, FL), the only milk available was canned milk. And even more interesting, the original version of this pie was not baked--the acid from the lime juice would set and thicken the egg yolks. Kind of like the dessert version of ceviche.

Next up: Thanksgiving is this week. Busy time for pie people. I'm revisiting Rich Chocolate Pecan and Cherry-Chocolate. With revamped crusts. The week after, I'll get back to tricky crust experimentation!


pinky said... used REAL key limes or Persian limes? The outcome must have been scrumptious either way. What is it about LIME anything that is sooo delicious? Popsicles, suckers, lifesavers (save me the lime ones), Skittles (can I have your green ones please), pies, cheesecake, limeade, ceviche, lime-cilantro dressing...

April Fossen said...

Yes, sorry, I used Persian limes. Can a person find real Key limes in these parts? I couldn't. And I agree, lime is the most wonderful flavor. Second only to chocolate.