Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spiced Apple

I have the same thing to say (generally speaking) about apple pie's breakfast-y goodness as I said about cherry pie's. I think what it boils down to for me is that warm pie just doesn't appeal. Cold pie---yummm. I'm trying to think of a pie that I would like warm...well, (looking at other posts) apparently, Rich Chocolate Pecan, and, I imagine, quiche...I can't think of anything else.

Here's the recipe I used.

I did a little experiment with the crust of this pie. Used the Country Pastry recipe (the one I won't post--ancient family secret), but substituted half the lard with butter (regular, not unsalted). The dough was extremely easy to work with.

Aaaaaahhhhh. That was such a sight for eyes made sore by last week's crust conundrum.

It was so easy to work with, I could have made a traditional 2-crust apple pie, but wanted to try the way the recipe shows because I thought it would be pretty. And it was.

And I thought it tasted just right. Not even a little bit meaty, although Prima still says it doesn't taste as good as the crust last week. Next experiment, tilting the balance of butter and lard in the butter direction. See if it's still as easy to work with.

I grated my own nutmeg for the first time ever in my baking life. I know, why did I wait so long? I have no idea. It's very easy to do and completely worth it for the smell that wafts at you as you grate it.

The recipe indicates that you should put something under the pie to catch drips and that step should not be skipped. I put aluminum foil at the bottom of my oven and this is what ended up there:

Hmmm. A Rorschach. I see either a dog or a serpent. What does that say about me?

So, first piece: Warm. A little too sweet and gloopy for my taste (and mr.'s, for that matter--he likes the very simple apple galette I make--a little tart, not too sweet at all--but that recipe is in a cookbook that is currently packed away).

Second piece (enjoyed with heated Grand Marnier while watching Pushing Daisies): Better, but still not the best apple pie I've ever had. This might not make sense, but it just had a little too much going on. I think, as far as apple pies go, simpler is better.

Notes to self: If you make this pie again, put the apple mixture in your biggest bowl (the one with the red rim). It's a lot of stuff to stir together.

Also try it with less sugar. Or better yet, mom, how about if you just give me your apple pie recipe? Your filling seems a lot less involved.

Next up: I may do kind of a cop-out pie next week. I'm going to be pretty busy with rehearsals and other events. I may just use the pie crust that I have in the freezer (leftover from Rich Chocolate Pecan) and make a pumpkin pie, which will not be new to me. But I will still post and attempt to make it entertaining.

P.S. Food is beautiful.

P.P.S. Will somebody please remind me to clean my oven this week?!


Bill said...

That burned goop on the tinfoil is obviously a centaur.

Heidi said...

April! Clean your oven! Also, your pie blog is very inspiring. I wish I had more time to play in the kitchen...

Miriam Latour said...

Mmmm. Warmed Grand Marnier and Apple Pie. *vicarious enjoyment*

I love the circular crust pieces. All these years of making pie and I've never done that. I can't wait to try it. I've always thrown a crumble on top either out of laziness or out of sweet-toothedness.