Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mid-week Kitchen Musings

To begin with, a question from the cherry pit gallery.

My nephew (Goatgetter) asks: why is April making so many pies? Did she get bitten by the pie bug?

Well, yes and no Goatgetter. I definitely got bitten by something. I'm making so many pies because I'm A) trying to improve my baking skills, B) experimenting with different crust ingredients hoping, in the end, to have created my own crust recipe, and C) discovering how different fillings work with different crusts so that I could possibly even create my own filling recipe.

I'm learning a lot through this process. A lot about baking, certainly. But also a little bit about life. Things have gotten complicated lately. The world at large and also my tiny little corner of it. Pie-making (and baking in general) are such a simple and basic exercise. It helps me to deal with the uncertainty and the chaos when I can stand at the kitchen counter for a couple of hours following very specific instructions. It's even more rewarding when the end result is beautiful to look at, delightful to eat, and gives happiness to other people. It gives me perspective.

Enough philosophy.

Here is another baking venture from this past weekend. Prima's birthday cake.

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Piper Scott said...

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Have fun.