Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fresh Raspberry

When I open my pie shop (HA!), raspberry will definitely be among the more pricey pies. Not that difficult to make, not time consuming at all. But it took six 6 oz. packages of raspberries to fill the pie. And that's only because that's all I had. There's certainly room for more in there.

Those 6 packages cost about $10.00 at Costco. So, yeah. That there's an expensive pie. BUT...worth every penny. Sometimes I make a pie and I think, "Hm. Yes. Delicious." Other times I make a pie and I think, "Damn. I'm good." This time was the latter.

Here's the recipe I used this week. So simple and so delicious.

I made some alterations to my (as yet unrevealed) pie crust recipe. Used less lard, more butter (combined salted and unsalted), less salt, more water, less vinegar, different egg...I guess I pretty much changed up every ingredient except the flour. I was very pleased with the result. In fact, I think the flour is the one ingredient that could still stand to be altered a little bit. I think if I use slightly less flour, it may be that little bit more tender. The taste of this was perfect. Buttery and sweet. Rolled out and moved very nicely.

Tender and flaky but still stayed intact when cutting and serving. I think I'm very close to the perfect crust. I'm also getting very speedy. I timed myself from starting to put the crust ingredients together to putting the crust in the oven: 20 minutes.

And new pie weights for prebaking!

Notes for next time:
  • When prebaking, allow the dough to overhang 1/2" to 1" around the sides. It shrunk right up in the oven. Not pretty.
  • Not that I actually have to remind myself of this one because it's SO time sprinkle dark chocolate in the crust before you pour the raspberry-jammy stuff in. Duh!

Food porn:

P.S. Wet berries are hard to photograph...all those reflective surfaces!

Next up: Quiche Lorraine. Emeril hasn't failed me yet. A perfect Sunday morning breakfast. Maybe I'll make even make mimosas.


Heidi said...

Pretty! Now I want raspberries...

pinky said...

Dad says: The crust could have been baked just a tad longer...until golden. Mom says: That would likely bring out the buttery flavor more prominently. And rolling it out just a tad thinner. Bottom line - it was super delicious. There is nothing that compares to red raspberries